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Be honest... (advice?)

Would it be silly of me to take the day off work tomorrow to just relax a bit? This weekend was really stressful, with the cramps and spotting I had. This afternoon, I've stayed off my feet alllllll day and drank lots of water. Since then, the spotting as seemed to diminish. Would it be over-cautious of me to take the day off, or am I over-thinking things? Thoughts?
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Re: Be honest... (advice?)

  • I say, if you have the time to use, do it.  I would, if I could, but we don't get sick days.
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  • I think you should do it if it will make you feel better.  I would do it.
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  • I agree with jenvalet, if you can take the day off, do it. Take it easy and take care of yourself. I think if your gut is telling you that you need to rest, listen to your first instinct.
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  • yeah if you have time to take, take it!!  you've gotta listen to your body and if it's telling you to take a break, you probably should.
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  • I agree with the rest of the girls and say take the day off if you really feel you should. However, I just want to throw in that you may need to take more days off in the future (most likely), so you may want to think about that as well.  

    As a side note, I don't think you can ever be too cautious, so follow your gut!! 

  • Ok. You've convinced me :) Tomorrow is officially rest/grow a baby/pray he/she sticks with me day. I only have a month and a half until summer break, and hopefully I can make it through without too many more days off!
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  • Read this thread a bit late but I would had suggested the exact same thing. Glad you are gonna take the break. You have to listen to your body. Enjoy your time off!!
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  • Don't feel guilty! Resting is good for you and the baby! Enjoy it!
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  • i would, if you have the time to take off.

  • If you have the time, take it! You need to put yourself and your LO first. I'm always off Wednesdays but with the spotting I had that evening I took of Thursday and Friday as well. My job can be super stressful and I just needed some time to clear my head.

    I wish I could take tomorrow off as well, but back to reality. Crying

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