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Cats and pregnancy -wth?

So my NP asked me at my last appt if I had cats or planned on getting cats and I said no - sorry not a kitty fan - and didn't think anything of it.  That is until I came home to our new house we just rented and as I was going through the garage with my really cool new superhuman smelling power and about gagged from that stench that male cats leave when they pee pee on stuff --ICK  And now I keep smelling it around the house.  I guess the people before had a cat that wasn't potty trained or whatever.  Anyway, my hubby barely notices it and my 2 huskies are fine but I guess my question is, what is the deal with cats and pregnancy?  Why would she ask about cats and not dogs?  Is it the smell or what ever is in my garage that we are supposed to avoid??

Re: Cats and pregnancy -wth?

  • Cats can carry toxoplasmosis, dogs can't.  If there's no cat feces around, you shouldn't have to worry.
  • No it is kitty poop that you have to worry about. Not pee.
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  • Don't worry too much.... it has to do with a parasite that can infect cats and can be transmitted through their feces and cause birth defects for pregnant women. So women are usually just cautioned to either wear gloves while changing the litter box or to have someone else take over the chore.  But the sensitive nose now-a-days will make avoiding your garage a good thing until its cleaned up.
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  • like pps, its the cat poop you have to worry about, not a smell. you should be fine!
  • Just to throw it out there. The same bacteria that they warn you about with cat feces can also be found in raw meat.
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