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 I know someone posted a question for a seamstress for baby bedding, but I've looked at BeDazzled, Childress, and D Fabric and they charge too much in my opinion.  Does anyone else have any other sources?  I just need bumper, bed skirt, and blanket.  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks!

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  • This is the seller on that did my sisters and they turned out really cute!

  • A lady who lives in Southlake did mine. Her name is Mary Ann and her number is 817-442-9623. I just picked up the crib bedding, pillow and drape she made me. They turned out AMAZING! 
    She charges $35 for the crib skirt, $75 for the bumper, $15 for the pillow and $45 for one curtain panel (prices do not include fabric).
    She is super sweet and does this sewing thing on the side. I agree those other places are really expensive. Seems local people are always cheaper. I was recommended to her by tons of my friends. She has done curtains and bedding for many of my friends. Give her a call! :)

  • THANKS SO MUCH, Misty!  I've been searching everywhere.  I even tried to google and look on craiglist to find a local person and didn't get much luck.  I'm more hopeful now!  :)

     I went to fabric shopping yesterday near Perth Street and hobby lobby.  Where did you get your fabric?  Also, could you post pictures of your bedding?  I would love to see them.  :)

     Thanks, again!

  • Are you able to sew at all? Because I have a pattern for baby bedding. I got it at like JoAnns or Hancock fabrics. Its not too hard to do. I didn't end up using it because I found the bedding I wanted on Ebay for $40 and the fabric I had wanted would have been much more. I believe it is a Simplicity pattern.

    So if you have a sewing machine it wouldn't be too hard to make yourself. Just a thought.

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  • No problem! I got my fabric from multiple places. The Fabric Factory in Dallas, Cutting Corners in Farmers Branch, Calico Corners, and Hobby Lobby. I looked a lot at they have a great selection, but I didn't end up ordering from them. I would order a swatch before you order yardage if you go the online route.


    My crib skirt looks weird because of my crib's bed frame. Long story.


  • Wow!  Your bedding turned out great!!  She did an awesome job.  Thanks so much for sharing the pictures.  What about your curtains?  Have you received that?  J

  • I had my daughter's bedding made (bumper, sheet, quilt and bed skirt).  I HIGHLY recommend the lady I used.  She was wonderful to work with and made the process so easy.  I told her ideas I had and she pulled tons of fabrics for me to look at so I didn't have to do the leg work.  We also used her for a custom rocker and ottoman (which is sooooo comfortable!).

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