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Can you kids do a thumbs up?

We are trying to teach DS thumbs up, but he seems to be lacking the coordination. 

Re: Can you kids do a thumbs up?

  • Eva can.  It was definitely tricky at first but she was determined.
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  • Yes, Ben can do it now.  My brother actually taught him about 2 months ago. 
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  • Allie will be 3 in Aug.  She has been doing thumbs up since Christmas.(aprox 28/29 months)  It took lots of practice on her part.  Her chubby fingers kept her from making the fist tight enough to put her thumb up. He will get it. Just let him keep working on it.

  • yes, she started doing it a few weeks ago and I don't even know how she learned it
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  • That was actually something they tested DD for at her 2 yr appt. She couldn't do it then, but she learned shortly thereafter.
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  • they both can. but it took aidan longer than sawyer for sure. aidan was prob at/after 2.
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  • Yes, he just started. I don't know if he couldn't do it before, or just didn't have the inclination.
  • DS just turned 2 y/o and can. He does it a la Fonzi, sound effects included :)
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  • Yup, dd can, usually with "Good job Mommy!" added to it. She's been doing it for a long time, though I'm not sure where she picked it up. She does still struggle showing two fingers when asked how old she is.
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  • I just tried it with her.. DD sticks her pointer finger out along w/ her thumbs up. LOL. I keep trying to fold it in, but as soon as I let go, it pops back out ;)
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  • yes, his school taught him, because they do a night night song called 2 thumbs up.  he LOVES it.
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