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How many of you delivered at Crouse Hospital....

and what was your experience?  I'm getting pretty close to my due date and I'm just wondering what other people's experiences were.  Thanks.

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Re: How many of you delivered at Crouse Hospital....

  • I haven't delivered there yet, but I was there this past weekend due to a pregnancy complication.  My experience was great.  My other deliveries were at St. Joe's and I must say, Crouse blew them away.  The nurses were friendly and super attentive. Have no worries and maybe I'll see you there!
  • I delivered at Crouse and had a great experience.  But I work at Crouse as a doula and have had some poor experiences.  Every nurse is different, and you can ask for a new nurse, especially in labor and delivery.  And on the recovery floor, just be insistant about what you want.  Like I had a client who had to wait 40 mintues for her baby to come from the nursery for the first time, so just be a pest.

    I will agree with pp though that Crouse was better than Joe's.

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  • I delivered at Crouse.  Overall, my experience was good.  I was there for a week.  The nurses that we had the whole time were fantastic!!!  Other than, some days they were so, so busy, they were so good to us.  My only complaint was with the LCs.  Even though I think in the end it would not have changed the outcome, I would page them and they would come right after the feeding was done or an hour or two after the feeding.  Then a lot of times, they would just drop off equipment and leave.  I got the most help from an independent LC who came to my house.  It was well worth the money.  Next time, I will be calling her from day one.  I do not know if you plan on trying to nurse, but if you do, I highly recommend this woman and can send you her info if you want. 
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  • I'll be delivering there in August, so let me know how it goes!
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  • Thanks for the feedback everyone! 

    mrsoc - I would love to get her name and number for you.  I would PM you, but that never seems to work on my account.  It always says that person doesn't exist!

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  • I delivered at Crouse.  Other than them messing up my meal 2 times I had a great experience.  The rooms were clean, the nurses were great, the lactation nurses were wonderful.  All in all a wonderful experience.
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