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Has anyone delivered a Methodist

My Ob runs out of Methodist and I've heard some good and not so good reviews about the place but most were just hearsay. Has any one of you ladies delivered there and can share your experience

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Re: Has anyone delivered a Methodist

  • Hi there,

    I gave birth there in Oct. 2007, while the labor and delivery unit was moving and under construction!  It was very chaotic and it took forever for me to get a room.  I got to the hospital around 5:00AM and didn't get a room or my epidural until around 11:00AM.  People were literally moving boxes around me, and I was for the most part, ignored.  Even with that said, I am now 29 weeks pregnant and plan on delivering there again.  I have friends who have had very good experiences there recently so I am hoping that my first experience was just a fluke.  They have private delivery rooms which are nice, and the hospital has a good reputation.  HTH!

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