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Oh the Guilt!!!

I'm so excited about my first pregnancy and I have been reading a ton. There are sooooo many rules about everything. I particularly am having a hard time with working out and eatting. 

I'm so tired that I don't want to work out but then I feel compelled to be a healthy fit Mom-- but when I do go, I'm worried about getting a work out in but not TOO hard. I am looking at my heart rate every five seconds.

Oh and the food. Trying to eat healthy with a good mix of all the food groups. Books say to eat healthy but not to forget to eat good fat too because the baby needs it --- and then comes the cravings and it all goes out the window.  

Is anyone else having moments that they feel like they are trying to live by such a narrow set of rules and they are just destined to fail?

Maybe I'm just having an emotional morning... sigh 



Re: Oh the Guilt!!!

  • I totally get it.  My cravings are never for broccoli and carrots too, more like Taco Bell and ice cream.  Yesterday I had a serious craving for biscuits, which was random and unhealthy.  And who has the energy to work out?  I'm constantly exhausted.

    Just try not to be a 'perfect' preggo.  Do little things every day toward your goal of being healthier.  I take my dog for a walk around the neighborhood and I have plans to do prenatal yoga when the fatigue wears off in the next few weeks.  I try to sneak in more healthy snacks when I can stomach them and remind myself that nobody is perfect!

     Good luck to you and relax :) 

  • kat81kat81 member

    yeah, I'm with you on the workouts. I was two days into a very intensive 60-day workout when I found out...can't do it anymore. Then, a couple of days ago, I injured my wrist, so I can't even do any sort of weight lifting. ARGH! I don't even know what to do for working out. Pilates, I guess, but I only have a few dumb/easy videos; there's no good/challenging class here.

    As for food, no cravings yet. DH and I decided we wanted to try to eat more healthily recently anyway, so I'm basically eating as normal. But still wondering whether I'm getting the right balance of nutrients because I'm not tracking it or anything.

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