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telling your big news

when did you/have you told anyone about your pregnancy?

the only people who know about mine are my husband, my brother and his gf.  i reeeeally want to tell the whole world about it but im terrified something bad will happen and ill have to tell the whole world about that too.  im so early on in my pregnancy that i just want to make sure everything is ok first.  im thinking ill wait until mothers day to tell my parents.  and after another month or two, ill tell the rest of the world.  i think i have to tell my boss right away though because i work in an animal hospital and im around gas anesthetic every morning.

what did you ladies do??  and if youve already told people, how did you tell them?

Re: telling your big news

  • I'm like you and don't want to tell people and jinx myself! I plan on telling everyone on Monday after my first appointment. I'm not planning on telling my job (teacher) until the last month of school....I even thought about not telling them at all and just coming back in August with a huge belly! lol... but I won't because I've signed up for A LOT of different responsibilities next year and it would be kind of wrong not to let them know that I can't do some of them anymore. 

    I reeeealy wanna tell everyone though and I know my mom and aunt will be kinda mad that I didn't call them RIGHT AWAY, but they'll get over it! 

  • The only people who know are my husband and my BFF. And my friend actually knew before I did.

    Six days before my BFP we spent the day together, and I was completely out of it, not very bubbly or talkative, just a bit lethargic. She knows my schedule and that we had been trying. Once most of our other friends left, she looks at me and both her, and her husband, say "You are SO pregnant!" I denied it, becuase every month I think I am pregnant and would get a BFN, so I was really trying to manage expectations. But lo and behold, a week later, a BFP! She knew I was testing, and I waited for her to ask how it went before I told her. I was met with squeals and a big hug. Which is sureal, because it hasn't set in yet.

    I wanted her to know so I have someone to talk to other than my husband. She is a mother of 3 and will be able to answer any of my questions.

    As for my husband, he was asleep when I got my BFP. I couldn't contain myself, but wanted to tell him in a cute way. We have a teeny dog, so I put the dog in a sweater, and wrote "I'm going to be a big brother" on a sticker on the sweater. I put the dog in bed with my husband and he woke him up with kisses. My husband grumbled, half asleep, "why are you wearing a sweater?" and I turned the dog around and showed my DH what it said. He was, of course, thrilled!

    As much as I would love to tell my mother, she has a big mouth and will not be able to keep our secret. We aren't telling anyone else until we hit the 12week mark.

    What is everyone else doing? How are you planning to tell people? 


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  • H knows and my parents know.

    Only told my parents because H can't come to my first appointment and I need my mom to drive down to come with me. I just called and told them. We've been through this before...I just need their support right now.

    Last time we told both sets of parents right away but this time we are waiting to tell ILs until at least after the first appointment. 


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  • kat81kat81 member

    I want to tell everyone but I don't want to jinx it, so we haven't told anyone yet. I wish we could just tell BIL, 'cause he's visiting us and will be here for almost another week. But DH says we can't tell BIL without telling his parents (I don't agree), and we both agree that we can't tell his parents without telling my parents (they would be beyond pissed if they knew they were told after DH's parents!)

    So we're not telling anyone yet. My older-but-unmarried-and-childless sister just got some bad professional news, so I want to give a cooling off period for her before I spread this news that will ultimately be bittersweet to her. I know she will be very excited for us and supportive, but it will also rub it in to her that she doesn't have kids even though she wants them someday.

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  • I just told DH and my BFF... same day I got my BFP just so I'd have somebody to talk to about it.. DH told a mutual friend... without my permission.. I was mad at first but she's had 2 babies and a m/c so I think she'll be able to provide some insight if I need it.

    there is a girl at work who I hardly know.. the other day she asked how I was, I said a little tired, and she asked "ARE YOU PREGNANT??"  lol I was caught so off guard I just told her yes!  I asked her not to tell anyone and she said she wouldn't.. it'd be awkward if my closer work friends found out through her and not me.

    we are waiting until after our first appt.. (not till MAY 21!!!) to tell parents, family, and everyone else... we really want to make sure everything is okay before we get people excited (especial MIL) ... plus hopefully by then (I'll be 11 or 12 weeks) we'll be able to get a u/s and show pics... 

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  • Besides my SO, the only other people I told were my best friend (texted her a pic of my bfp ass soon as I took it) and 2 of my closest friends, one who is pg right now and one who lives out of state so I know she won't tell anyone. Lol. I would love to keep quiet until 12 weeks but my bloat is out of control and I may have to tell my job pretty soon.
  • I have told 3 coworkers - they all are in my classroom for a big chunk of the day and I felt that they needed to know in case I got suddenly nauseous or something. ?Other than that I have only told my BFF. ?We will wait until at lease Mother's Day to tell our families, but we are hoping to wait until Memorial Day weekend. ?So far I'm feeling good and have no physical signs of pregnancy so we'll keep it under wraps!
  • My DH, parents, siblings, and best friends know. live thousands away from my family and had to tell my girls out here so I have support and so they don't make me drink wine with them every weekend :)

    Telling my dad was a bad idea, he wants to tell the world he is going to be a grandfather. He also is guilting me into telling other people, like one of my brothers, who I love, but don't talk to that often and would not have to tell him any bad news if something happened.

    I teach too and want to tell my co-teachers, but am waiting as long as I can. They can just think I am a little bitchy for a little while longer :)

  • So far we've only told my parents and my sister.  I think we are telling the in-laws this weekend.  When we told my parents, I had my 3 year old nephew tell them that he was getting a cousin for Christmas!  I don't think he really heard what he was saying though, because then he started going on about Santa and presents.  LOL
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