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Anyone else's boobs stop hurting?

I'm new here, but I'm jumping right in, cuz I have a question...?

I am 5 weeks & 5 days along and when i woke up this morning I noticed my boobs don't hurt - at all. ?They were sore all week, and I have been expecting it to get worse, not go away. ?Has this happened to anyone else? ?My luck, they just aren't going to get any bigger and I'll be a barely-B the whole way through my pregnancy! But, I'm a little nervous about it being a first sign of miscarriage - I haven't had any cramping/bleeding.?

Re: Anyone else's boobs stop hurting?

  • Mine stopped hurting for a few days and I got all freaked out because that was one of the only symptoms I had.  Don't worry, symptoms come and go.
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  • MCH77MCH77 member

    You are going to have changes that happen day to day.  My boobs hurt on and off since the beginning (nothing big and changed daily) and 4 days ago... OUCH!  And now it is intense everyday and watch tomorrow it will be gone.

    Try to relax (so hard to do).  If you have excessive cramping, bleeding than call your doctor.

    Welcome and good luck

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  • Thanks for the reassurance, ladies! ?They are actually starting to hurt a little again. ?I'm wondering if it was because I was sleeping on my stomach - kind of like they 'fell asleep' like an arm or leg does. ?Who woulda thought, it would make me happy to have sore boobs!
  • kat81kat81 member

    Mine don't hurt yet.

    And mine are smaller than yours (a small "A") so I know what you mean in that regard, too. I truly hope I get the symptom in which they get bigger. But I'm not sure mine ever really got bigger while on BCP, so I might just not be lucky in that regard.

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  • mine stopped hurting quite a bit after the first week.  now they are a tad bit sensitive, but no where near where they were at first

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  • It is super scary when symtpoms come and go. My boobs have been intensely hurting and yesterday they went down on the pain scale. I am hoping all is well and the little bean is still growing!

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  • My doctor actually mentioned in my appointment this past week that the soreness would likely go away but the fullness would probably stay. That is exactly what has happened so far.  Thank goodness!
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