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My baby boy was born on 7/11/09 at 11:10pm via C-section.

My water broke at 3:30 am on Saturday morning (I wasn't sure if it had truly broke, so I waited a little while to be sure!!), and we went to the hospital around 11am. We only spent about 2 minutes in triage because the nurse was like "oh yeah, no doubt, your water is broke." So from there we got settled into a room. My Dr. was actually our of town that weekend (just my luck!!), but the Dr. on call was a really great, really nice Dr. They decided to start me on Pitocin to start getting me dilated. They started an IV, or at least tried to in my left arm. The lady blew out a vein or something really bad, and there was blood everywhere, and my arm blew up into like a huge balloon (I'm not exaggerating.). So a second nurse tried to get it started in my hand, on the same arm. No luck either. Finally a 3rd nurse got it started in my right arm. Unfortunately though, this meant the blood pressure cough had to go on the left arm with the blown out veins, and everytime that sucker blew up to take my BP it hurt like hell. Worse than my contractions! I was bruised all over my entire forearm. After a few hours we decided to start an epidural. The pain wasn't so bad that I couldn't take it, but I was very nervous about getting the epidural itself, so they wanted to get it started before my contractions got too hard. I was basically a basket case during the epidural. Reading about the risks is scary, and trying not to move...I was like freaking out, because I am very ticklish and jumpy, and every time the anesthesiologist touched my back I would like jump a little!! But you aren't supposed to move at all!! Well, a few hours after that, they decided they needed to insert an internal monitor.Well, by about 10-10:30pm they decided my water had already been broke for about 18 hours, and my Pitocin drip was pretty high, and I had only dilated 1 additional centimeter. So they told me the Dr. wanted to go ahead and do a C-section. Because of the risk of infection with my water being broken for quite a while, plus I apparently have an odd bone shape and a small pelvis. She felt around and thought the baby was around 7 lbs., and all those factors were reasons to want to do a C-section, rather than wait until something got bad and it became an emergency situation.
So they got me prepped, got the OR prepped. I was a basketcase, it's kind of scary. The bright lights, being awake, knowing you are being cut open!! They put up a sheet so you can't see anything, and they increase the epidural drip, so you can't feel the pain, but you can still feel a little bit of pressure and movement. And as the Dr. put it, when they take him out, you feel a bit of a "tug and a pull." I honestly could never explain how weird of a feeling it is to be able to feel people rooting around inside of you while you are awake! Words can't describe. Thank God my husband is AMAZING, and was allowed in there. Without him, I would've been a mess. He held my one hand, and had his other hand on my forehead, which kind of helped to calm me down.

The recovery from a C-section is often far more painful than a regular delivery, so my incision site was VERY sore, and it was hard to get out of bed, walk, even go to the bathroom. I really didn't think I could handle it at first. I felt like I couldn't enjoy my baby boy, couldn't take care of him, because hell, I couldn't even take care of myself!! I'm sad I didn't get the chance to have him vaginally. I feel a little robbed or the experience, especially b/c it's my first baby. I didn't CHOOSE to have this C-section, and believe it or not, it's NOT taking the easy way out. My mom has had both. She defines the difference as after having a vaginal, you are SORE. After having a C, you are in PAIN. And I have been in massive pain ever since I had him. It was definitely not my choice to have a C-section, they felt it was a medical necessity. It's a very touchy subject for me, and makes me very emotional.
But we are both healthy. And that is what really matters most




NOTE-This is adapted from my blog post from July. I think I edited most of it to be past tense, but if not, sorry!!

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