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My little (big!) girl's story (induction, pit, epi, c/s)

My little girl was due on April 3rd.  At my appt. the week prior, I was 4 centimeters dialated.  Since this was my 2nd child, and DS (#1) was a big baby, they offered me the option of induction.  I decided to go for it, and scheduled it for Friday, April 2nd.

 Arrived at the hospital at 7:45.  By 8:30, I was hooked up to IVs and pitocin was started.  Contractions slowly got going and weren't too terribly painful.  (I needed pitocin with my son too, and was asking for the epi after 2 hours).  This time, when contractions got painful, I changed positions and they became easily manageable again.  After close to 3 hours, the doctor informed me that she was ready to break my water.  On advice from the doctor and nurses, I asked for the epi (even though the pain wasn't horrible YET....and I'm a pain wimp).  Got the epi, then they broke my water.  By 2:00, I was finally 10 cm and ready to push.  After 30 minutes of pushing, the doctor started talking about a c-section.  I was pretty defeated by this.  We could see DD's head, barely, and she just wasn't making any progress.  Anyway, I wasn't ready to give up after 30 minutes, so I kept trying for another hour and a half.  Still nothing!  I guess the doctor probably knew what she was talking about (particularly since she's the same doctor who delivered my son....and I had to push for over 3 hours with him, but ultimately was able to deliver vaginally).  Oh, and at some point during this pushing, I realized that I was feeling my contractions WAY too much and asked for an epi booster.

 So after 2 hours of pushing with very little progress, we decided on the c-section.  Once that decision was made, I was amazed at how quickly things went.  I was quickly transferred to the OR and was later joined by DH.  At this time, I was REALLY feeling my contractions.  I think they gave me ANOTHER booster, but even as the c-section started, I was moving my feet.  I was feeling a lot of pressure and was more scared than anything.  Once the doctor realized that my feet kept moving, she told them to give me MORE pain meds, which eventually knocked me out.  I was awake until DD was taken to be cleaned off, but I don't remember much after that....until I woke up in the recovery room.

 Ultimately, DD was 9lbs, 13oz.  And she was sunny-side-up, which likely contributed to her failure to progress down the birth canal.

 While I was scared silly about a c-section, recovery has been SURPRISINGLY better than I ever imagined.  In fact, there are aspects of my first delivery (vaginal, 3rd degree tear) that were way more difficult than this one.  But I'm only 2 weeks we'll see if things continue to go well.

 But DD is here and is healthy, and that's what matters most!

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