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Pregnancy brain

I really didn't think I would get it this early but my memory is totally shot.

So, I was at work today (I work in at a day care center in a toddler room), and one of my boys was screaming at one of the other kids. I wanted to tell him to "use your nice words"- but I couldn't remember the word "words". Instead I said after struggling with what I wanted to say " use your nice mouth noises". WTF? The minute I said it I knew it sounded ridiculous.

I can only imagine what my coworker was thinking,nobody at work know I'm pregnant. I have a feeling that won't be the last dumb thing to come out of my mouth either. It'll be nice when i finally tell them so they know I haven't turned stupid.

Anyone else have any good pregnancy brain stories yet?


Re: Pregnancy brain

  • Good one!  I feel the same way.  The other day I was coming home from work, and of course I had ten things on my mind.  I stopped and got groceries and when I got home, I thought I'd mow the lawn really quickly without getting the dog out of her cage (she doesn't like the mower) and so I mowed and cleaned up and took a shower and took the dog out...and forgot, completely forgot, that I had gone to the grocery store and there was $75 worth of groceries baking in my car.  Awesome! 
  • Yes! Went to get gas and completely freaked out because I couldn't find my debit card.  Called hubby, had him check EVERYWHERE, drove back home and tore up the entire apartment.....and then hubby suggested that I look in my butt pocket, where I usually stash my card after I buy something.  Sure enough....Embarrassed
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  • I don't remember if I had it with my 17 month olds pregnancy, but after having him AND being pregnant....I DEFINATELY FEEL FOR YA!!  Yesterday my son was fussing in the grocery store, after taking him out of the cart I told my husband to "push the stroller"...he responded with "ok I'll push the STROLLER"....I still didn't catch on till about a minute later!! Man there's been plenty more, but I'm starting to feel maybe this baby will be an airhead!
  • I was getting ready for work and in the shower it wasn't til I was almost done that I realized I had accidentally used my body wash as shampoo.  If it's this bad when barely pregnant can only imagine what it'll be like as time goes on.
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