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OB Recommendations for Brigham and Women's Hospital


I'm moving to Boston from Pennsylvania and am looking for a good OB affiliated with Brigham and Women's Hospital. Does anyone have a good recommendation or know anything about the following practices: New England OBGYN Associates, Cline, Katz, & Zinner at 1 Brookline Place, Brigham OB GYN Group, or Brigham/Faulkner OBGYN Associates? Thanks!

Re: OB Recommendations for Brigham and Women's Hospital

  • Hi.  I am delivering at BWH and I am seeing Dr. Ashley Ackerman at Commonwealth OB/GYN.  She is at 1 Brookline Place as well.  So far, I really love the practice and I have no complaints.  I tried to get in with Tracy Zinner, but she was not taking any new patients at the time. I have no first hand experience, but a couple of women I know were not thrilled with New England OB/GYN because they had no long wait times at the office.

    Good luck with your search.

  • I see Mari-Kim Bunnell at NE OBGYN and I like her a lot. That said, we've been a bit frustrated with the practice. I haven't had terrible wait times, but it's a big practice and though my doc (and the one other I've met) are great, the overall feel is pretty impersonal.  I've also a few experiences where the staff seemed disorganized (a blood test that got lost; incorrect info about what would happen at an upcoming appointment.) I'm considering switching partly for that reason, and partly because it's a hike to get there and I may try to get closer to home.  But if inertia kicks in and I stay, I do feel like I'm getting fundamentally good care - just that I have to be somewhat vigilant/assertive in working with the staff.
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  • Thanks guys, that's very helpful!
  • I see Dr. Zinner and she is great! 

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  • I'm also with Ashley Ackermann's practice. The only complaint I have is I feel the Dr's rush you through app a bit. Maybe it's normal and I am extra neurotic with all my questions.
  • FYI The midwifery practices around here are great, and they are usually associated with an OB/GYN.  I like seeing a midwife because the experience is much more personable...I go to Harvard Vanguard in Kenmore Square.
  • I have a friend that is a labor & deliery nurse at B&W. She recommended Cline, Katz and Zinner as well as drs Bunnell and Hernandez at NE OBGYN. Bunnell is my dr and I think she is great (and I am a high maintenance patient - I have had a complicated medical history so I tend to ask a lot of questions). I have never had to wait to see her but I always make the earliest appt possible - not sure if that is why.  I've seen dr Ackerman recommended a lot by women here and on other websites as well. Good luck and pre-welcome to Boston! B&W is a great hospital.



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