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g8orell - f/u on daycare

Hey there,

 Did you get a chance to f/u for me on the infant room at Grenada?  I have a friend who's daughter attends Pre-K there and she too says a space is available (per the teacher). 

When I call they say "not until August".

Anyways, I definitely found a space for him at a nearby church and am waiting to hear back from my preferred daycare (fingers crossed - its one block from my job).  It would have been cool to have Benji in the same class as your LO :0)



Re: g8orell - f/u on daycare

  • OMG...I was just about to write you!! Sorry it took me so long to get back, but I was trying to investigate for you b/c there are 7 babies now and the teachers kept telling me that there is space for one more. I tried this weekend to speak with the director when I dropped Camy off, but no such luck. Well today they had a school play, and the babies were in it, so I went (it's my day off) and they have a new baby in the class who started today! I guess she's had already registered and paid for April, but didn't officially start until today. Sorry, I wish I could so something to help!

    Good luck! That would have been fun for Camy and Benji!

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  • Thanks for investigating for us!!  It's always better to have the inside scoop...have a great weekend!
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