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Hi everyone,

My name is Kim and I just found out I am pregnant! I'm super excited, but I am having a hard time choosing an OB.  Has anyone been to either Rochester OB/GYN or Caring Partners?

 Thanks in advance for your help!



Re: Rochester, NH OB

  • I haven't heard of either, but I'm not a fan of Frisbe. If you're willing to go to Dover, Dover Women's Health is amazing. I love everyone (except one midwife). They are so nice, accomodating, friendly, etc. Also, Wentworth Douglas is a fantastic hospital for babies. They even give you a free massage before you leave after having the baby, a definite bonus.
  • Congrats Kim!  I don't have any advice on OBs in your area, just wanted to say hi!
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  • I think a friend of mine used Caring Partners and loved them!  I use Dover Women's Health and also have had a GREAT experience with them.  They are all so friendly and knowledgeable!

  • I actually went to Rochester OB. I had Dr. Mirabello & Dr. MacVittie. I was High Risk becuase of High Blood pressure. I liked frisbie for the most part but they do NOT have a nicu.

    Hope that helps :) 

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