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pregnancy weight-gain/eating habits

LOL, I have a lot of questions/comments today.

After reading Mel's post about only gaining 5 pounds, I also haven't gained much - granted I started off a few pounds heavier than my normal weight.  But, I find that I don't really want to "eat for two."  The nausea/ms is gone so I definitely have an appetite.  But, I find that if I have a regular to large-sized meal, I feel terrible for the rest of the day.  I get so bloated that I feel like my belly is going to explode and my skin even feels like it's stretched taut.  If this is now, I can't imagine later on in the pregnancy.

I've just been snacking and eating small meals throughout the day.  I snack on nutritious things like salads, yogurts, fruits, nuts, etc.  But, I feel weird not eating actual meals. 

Did you have a similar experience?

Re: pregnancy weight-gain/eating habits

  • I need to get my eating habits under control. I've lost one pound of my pre-pregnancy weight, but considering I've been so sick with a sinus infection for 6 weeks of the 1st trimester, it could be much worse. I'm trying to eat healthy and do the whole small, frequent meal thing, but don't do so well all the time. I don't have morning sickness anymore, but now I'm dealing with food aversions that I didn't have before. It's frustrating when something sounds good right up until it's time to eat.

    Like you, I feel miserable after eating a normal-sized "meal." I've been completely starving all week this week. I eat and then an hour later my stomach grumbles. I feel like I've eaten us out of house and home!

    It sounds like you're doing a great job of choosing healthy snacks, and if that's what makes you feel good and you're hitting on enough of the important food groups each day, I'd say you're covered.

  • I know what you mean.  Other women keep telling me how food tasted so good while they were pregnant and I would love to experience that.  Right now, I just feel like I'm just eating to get through the day without being hungry, but without feeling bloated/gassy, too.

    I try to just buy healthy items at the grocery store.  But, of course when I go out to eat with DH and friends, I don't always order the healthiest choices.  I feel like I'm just eating with my eyes sometimes b/c of the way the food looks. 

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  • When I was pregnant with Alexis that's how I was for a long time.  Nothing was appetizing and I found that I was eating less than before.  It changed a little later on, but not a lot.  I gained about 35 pounds, which I was very happy with.  My opinion on this is as long as your Dr is not concerned with your weight, then don't worry about it and eat (or don't) what makes you happy.
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  • I snacked all day long in my first trimester because that, and meds, were the only way that I could keep the nausea somewhat under control. I ate mostly healthy foods and only gained 6lbs or so. The second trimester is when I felt that I really had to start eating more. This kid makes me HUNGRY. I try to make good choices but sometimes the sweet treats lure me in ;-) I've gained about 7 or 8lbs this trimester. Considering that I'd gained so much more at this point with Quinn, I'm pretty happy with it.

    I totally agree with Leanna in that, as long as your dr is ok with everything, and you are eating, all will be fine.

  • Yes to everything you just described. Only difference is as of my 24 week appt. I had not gained any weight at all. Granted, I'm a big girl so I was told that I should really gain much weight being pregnant.

    I'm so not eating for 2 and like you if I eat a big meal I'm in pain lol. My stomach gets soooo hard I could bounce a  ball off of it. I drink glasses of milk during the day and small snacks so I don't have to eat a big meal. Some days maybe once a week or once every other week I'll have a day where I'm totally eating for 2 and I'll eat a ridiculous amount for dinner or lunch. It catches me way off guard because I've never been a big eater.

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  • With Nicholas I had horrendous m/s, yet I was starving all the time! It was so bad I had to get up in the middle of the night to eat because I would wake up feeling like there was a burning pit in my stomach. Also with him I had a ton of cravings--mexican food, watermelon and mayonaise (which I never liked before in my life!).  Needless to say with all that eating I gained almost 50lbs. I am very petite to begin with, so 48 lbs for me was like 100lbs for someone else! It took an entire year to get it all off.

    With Adrianna, I didn't have any m/s or cravings and my appetite didn't really increase until the very end.  I "only" gained 35 lbs and have lost 20 of them already after only 3 weeks.

  • I also feel disgusting when I have a big meal, it makes me feel like I can't breath. That said, I have been snacking a lot. I usually eat very good but some days I feel like I need to eat everything! (and then I can't breath and get bloated lol).

    Don't worry about not gaining too much weight. I have gained 3 pounds so far and the Dr said it was ok. I think I'm eating more this time because I have gained exactly the same amount I had gained with DS and I am exercising this time around (I wasn't allowed to exercise when I was pregnant with DS). I gained a total of 20 pounds with DS and he was a perfectly healthy baby (My Dr was never concerned about my weight gain). The whole "eating for two" thing is a myth. According to Dr Oz you should only eat an extra 100 calories during the first trimester and then an extra 300 calories. Just try to focus on eating healthy (which you seem to be doing) and you will be ok.

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