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s/o maternity clothes

Jackie, I read your posts on maternity clothes, but couldn't reply yesterday.

I'm having similar issues.  I've been wearing dresses/skirts daily.  If I wear pants/jeans, I'm uncomfortable for most of the day.  But, I'm totally lost when it comes to maternity clothes.  I got the Bella Band, but I find that it doesn't keep my pants/jeans in place.  I got leggings and a dress at Target, but didn't like much else. 

I'm going to check out Dolphin Mall this weekend for some maternity pants and jeans.  But, as far as tops, I'd stick with buying a couple of sizes bigger.  My mom lent me a few of her tops that are medium and larges and it definitely helps!

Can you girls recommend any stores in Dolphin Mall that might have maternity clothes?

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