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Teething question - What does it look like?

I have never seen or heard of gums looking like Bri's gums.  I just got her from her short 15 minute nap and noticed her upper gum has a deep red oval and a while flap of skin hanging from it.  It looks like a blood blister that has popped, and she is MISERABLE!  Which she has been, we know she is teething.  Has anyone seen a tooth break through like this?  Would you call the pedi?

Re: Teething question - What does it look like?

  • No, I haven't.   I would definitely call.  Poor thing.  That must be painful!!
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  • I'm having trouble picturing what the red oval would be.

    My nephews teeth basically came out the front - not down from above. It looked so painful I felt like crying for him. Maybe that is what is happening to her?

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  • Thanks, I called.  The nurse hadn't really heard of this either and said just to keep an eye on it.  It looks so painful.  I have her some tylenol
  • My nephew would get a blood blister with every tooth. The ped basically said it looks much worse than it feels.
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  • My friend's baby had a hematoma with one tooth. She took her to a pediatric dentist, who just told her it would go away when the tooth came through. I think it bothered her the same as if it was just a tooth coming in. 
  • poor Bri! hope she feels better soon.

    oh and to answer the question in the title of your post- i wonder if i'll ever find out!

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  • poor baby...hope she feels better soon...
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