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anyone else not having any symptoms?

I am 6 weeks along and still don't have very many symptoms and it's beginning to concern me.

I was sick most of the day yesterday, must had thrown up about 4 times and throughout the day just felt miserable, but today I feel just fine. My boobs really don't hurt either, its almost like I am not pregnant.

My doctor wont do an ultrasound until 10 - 12 weeks along. I live on an army base and the army hospital really doesnt rush to get you an appointment. I cannot even register for them until I am 8 weeks, which means my first apt probably wont even be until I am 9-10 weeks along.

I always ready about ppl having horrible m/s around this time, or that their boobs hurt a lot. Are there any of you who aren't experiencing any symptoms?

photo 6aecdc21-d010-4990-8b8b-da468f75ece3_zps38a4dec0.jpgphoto 8c7926e4-3191-4d9f-8e13-2ba2d4b7296f_zps45188ab0.jpg
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Re: anyone else not having any symptoms?

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