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Feeling stupid...and paranoid

Tuesday I went for my first doctor's appt. Just peed in a cup and was told what to do. Don't see my actual OB until April 28th. Tuesday night I started having mild cramp-like feelings on my left side. Nothing major, just slightly uncomfortable (like, what is that?). Then I went to the bathroom and there was a VERY, VERY little amount of blood on the toilet paper. I was freaked, but figured it's probably normal. I mean, it was so very little. Then the cramp-like (they are more like a dull pain) kept up all day yesterday. Another bathroom visit with a teeny bit of blood again. Today the cramp-like feeling is still I called the doctor. I feel so stupid because it's minor and probably normal, but I'm so freaked out by every little thing...I just want someone to tell me it's completely normal to have mild cramping on one side and a teeny bit of blood when you wipe. :( Waiting for the doctor to call back and hopefully she doesn't think I'm ridiculous for calling.

Re: Feeling stupid...and paranoid

  • I hope everything is okay! Keep us posted!
  • Do NOT feel stupid for calling your dr about bleeding. Even if it was a small amount, or just spotting.

    It is normal to have cramping. It can be normal to have a small amount of blood. Im sorry to say that only time will tell.

    Chin up!

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  • Don't feel stupid at all. You have every right to be nervous and have everything checked out.  I hope everything is just fine. 
  • That is pretty much the only symptom I am having right now. I occasionally get mild cramps (more discomfort then actual cramps) that switch sides. The past few days its more on my right side but last week it was more on the left.

    I know a lot of girls who have had minor spotting throughout their first trimester and have completely normal healthy pregnancies. I am with you though I would call my doc and be freaking out too. And don't worry they wont think your crazy for calling them.

    KUP on when the doc calls. I am sure everything is just fine. 


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  • Don't feel silly about calling at all. (that is what the other girls told me too) I had my first visit yesterday and they did a pap... I have been having a little spotting too (the NP said that is normal) and I called today for some reassurance. The nurse that I spoke with said that it was totally normal and to call back if it gets worse. After that, I calmed back down.

    I understand the nerves kicking in. I was/am the same way :) Thinking good thoughts for you!

  • I had cramping and some brown spotting for about 4 straight days a couple weeks ago and I went in for my u/s and everything was fine. My RE told me that it's completely normal to have cramping and to have spotting. He said if it gets to the point where a Tylenol doesn't help the cramps OR you are doubled over in pain then to call or go to the ER but anything short of that is 'normal'

    Best of luck to you!

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