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So....I have only gained 5lbs in the last 17 weeks. FIVE POUNDS! When I was pregant with Sophie I think I had already gained something like 15lbs-20lbs by now. I am eating a little better....but not that much better AND, of course, I am busier and more active now with Sophie - but its not like I get on the treadmill each day.  

I love this baby already. LOL.  

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Re: Wierd!

  • Woohoo! That's great!!!!




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  • That's fantastic to hear!!!!. I'm up to 18lbs. :( Boooooo.
  • That's great Mel! I was up a lot more with Quinn at this point than I am with baby #2. I've gained a total of 12lbs and I was already 20-ish with Quinn by now.


  • I agree! With Charlotte I had already gained about twenty of my thirty pounds, at this point of the pregnancy. This time I have only gained nine! yea!!!
  • Wow! That's great!
  • That's awesome. You girls are doing so well the 2nd time around. Can you rub off some of that lean mommy gene on over. Stick out tongue I'm hoping to need it soon.

    My boss gained 20 lbs total with her 1st and only child recently and everyone passed comments about how HUGE she was. Indifferent Evil people I tell you. I kept saying you think that's huge? In my eyes she did damn well. God knows the beast I'll look, if my time ever comes. I honestly hope I don't hear any stupidity from them or I might have to throat punch all the idiots. lmao

  • as long as the baby is healthy, then yay!!!!!!!!!!  that's awesome.  I'm pretty sure you being more active with Sophie has a play in that!!  Enjoy this pregnancy, girlie!  :)

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  • That's great!  I only gained 10 pounds with Liev but I was way overweight to begin with.
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    That's awesome!! :)
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  • Woo Hoo!!!!
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  • LOL that happened to me with Sarah, too!  I only gained 20 lbs this pregnancy, but like 60 with Abby.  I found that i wasn't using the "but I'm pregnant" and "the baby is craving it" excuses at all lol  I didn't have "cravings" as much with Sarah... it hink they were all in my head the first time!


    (btw, going all teacher on you-  it's weird, not wierd- lol)

  • That's awesome!!!
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  • That's awesome!  I heard that you gain a lot more during the 2nd and 3rd tri so it's best to keep your weight in check during the 1st tri. 

  • woo hoo! I gainded the absolute minimum requested with the twins. I've gainied almost as much with this pregnancy as with the twins! Not good. lol.

    I lost the weight pretty quickly with the twins since I was breastfeeding 2 babies. I hope it's not too hard this time around...

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