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f/u to "I can't live like this anymore"

Thank you so much everyone for your kind words! I feel so lucky that I have a place like this that I can come and vent without being flamed or given 'bad' advice!

I'm thinking that his allergy is chocolate. I have eliminated all major forms of dairy from my diet (not going crazy reading labels). But the other day, without thinking I ate the ears off my dark chocolate Easter bunny Embarrassed Whoops. I noticed a difference in his eczema and poop within a few hours. All that after it was actually FINALLY about 99% cleared up! We haven't seen an allergist because it's really only been a month or two and I wanted to try elimination first. Also, he doesn't have bloody stool and up until last night it didn't really appear to be bothering him.

Last night after I wrote this, H slept for almost 4 hours (I'm crediting the Benadryl) and I did get some good shut-eye. Dh really can't help me because he gets up for work around 5:30am and H would just scream anyway...not worth that-KWIM?

Anyway...just wanted to say thank you Smile
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Re: f/u to "I can't live like this anymore"

  • I am glad you are feeling better!  Hopefully it is just chocolate and cutting that out will help.  I get what you mean about DH and nighttime help.  I am the one who gets up at 5:30am but I also do night duty, DS either cries or thinks it is play time if DH tries.  It is just easier for me to do it.  It can be really rough.  I hope your day continues to be better!
  • FYI - It could also be a soy allergy.  Pretty much all chocolate has soy in it.  And a friend's daughter has eczema because of her soy allergy.  Just wanted to mention it in case he has a flare up when you haven't had any chocolate.

    Hugs - I hope it gets better soon.  We're in teething hell, so I'm a fellow walking zombie today!

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  • Oh, I feel really bad for you if it's chocolate. :( At least if you can have dairy again, that will give you some more snacking options than if you have to eliminate both.

    We started keeping a mommy/baby food log while waiting to see the allergist & it really helped shed light on what was going on. I still had the testing done b/c since he has so many intolerances I still couldn't make heads or tails of what was going on, but I was able to definitely determine soy was an issue, whereas it hadn't been before. 

    Anyway, I understand DH not being able to pitch in at night. My DH is more than willing, but once Ari hit about 7/8 months & separation anxiety kicked in, all bets were off on that. 

    I hope it gets better for you. Allergies can definitely affect sleep, so maybe if you solve that you'll solve (some) sleep issues. 

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  • Chocolate was the key to us figuring out quite a bit about Becca's allergies.  It was Christmas and chocolate made things way worse.  As the PP mentioned, it was the soy.
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