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i miss you guys!

I've barely been on since I started work a month ago. My time at the office is so extremely busy and goes by so fast that I never have time to get online and "bump." And as all you working moms know, my afternoons/evenings also go by really fast and I try to take advantage and focus on the little one as much as possible.

Emma is doing great! She is still nowhere near sleeping through the night (waking up at least 3 times, if not more, from the time we put her down at around 8pm till the time we get up for the day at around 7 am), but I can forgive her for it since she's so freaking cute and awesome :) She is at that stage where she is learning something new every day. She's always been very physically strong and has been rolling both ways for a while now, but the latest is that she can actually push herself up on all fours...but when she gains momentum to try to "crawl," her knees slide down out from under her. Regardless, I have a feeling she'll be an early crawler. She recently discovered her feet, is just learning to laugh out loud, and knows how to blow raspberries ("trompetillas" in Spanish). She loves DH and I, her grandparents, and her two puppies and is starting to show her affection by "petting" all of us lovingly. Her baptism is going to be on May 22nd so I am in planning mode for that, and I can't believe that when that day comes, she'll already be practically 6 months old. It's unbelievable to me. I will be planning her first birthday party before I know it :( Watching a baby grow up is soooooo hard. I wish she could stay this little forever, or at least for a few more years haha. Oh, and the breastfeeding/pumping is still going well. Our pedi wants us to wait until she is 5 or 6 months before introducing solids and luckily I am pumping enough at work to be able to continue giving her breastmilk till then.

Anyway, thanks for letting me take a few minutes to share :) I do still lurk on my iPhone during middle of the night feedings, so I am still keeping tabs on all of you even if I don't get a chance to respond. Mel, I am so happy for you with the news that Sophie is having a little sister! I can't wait to find out what name you hate the least lol. Adri, I heard about your experience with the vanishing twin and I am so sorry you had to go through that, but also so happy that your baby is healthy.

Have a great day ladies! I am now finally starting to get into a little bit more of a groove at work, so hopefully I will be able to make time to pop in here more often from now on.

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Re: i miss you guys!

  • It sounds like you're doing well! I'm glad that you're enjoying Emma so much and that you're finally getting into your groove, workwise. It can't be easy to be a working mom, but you seem to be handling it gracefully :)

    I want more Emma pictures though!!!




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  • We miss you, too! I'm glad to hear everything is going well.
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  • Miss you too Jen. Glad Emma is doing so many new things and bringing joy to the whole family. Smile Have a great day at work.
  • Miss you too girl!  Glad all is well in mommyland and Emma is growing perfectl!  ::hugs::
    -- Jackie
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  • Sounds like you are getting into your groove as a working mom quite nicely.   Thanks for popping in to say hi.
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  • I'm happy you are doing well and adjusting well to being a working mom.  And thanks for popping by to say hi!!

  • It sounds like Emma is doing awesome. It really is amazing how fast they grow and learn something new everyday. I'm glad you are able to juggle work and your little princess. Being a working mom is hard work but it sounds like you are doing a great job.

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  • AlbahAlbah member
    Jen: I am so happy to see that things are going amazingly for you!!! Emma is just too cute and I can see why you spend every spare minute you have to be with her! ;) Glad to hear work is well and that BFing is going strong! Take care!
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  • Glad to hear that your little one is doing so well...Mommyhood is a juggling's all a matter of finding a routine that works well for you guys!!!
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  • Jen, I'm glad to hear Emma is doing so well and that things are going well at work.  Thanks for the well wishes, too. 
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