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Welcome to the outside Liam Andrew Oliver

My little boy is adorable, sweet, stubborn, and has beautiful dark blue eyes (wonder if he'll keep them, they are like mine). 

 The day before I went into labor was different then usual.  I didn't nest, but slept most of the day. 

My little one's birth story.

 Thursday, April 8th I was contemplating waking up.  At 8am I felt a little pop in the bottom middle of my abdomen and wondered what it was.  I decided I should get up and go to the bathroom anyway (seemed to have been going every hour anyway).  When I was almost to the toilet my water started flowing (I recommend Poise pads- especially if your bladder isn't being fabulous at keeping it in towards the end of pregnancy, they are very absorbent).  Anyway.  I made it to the toilet and my water gushes out.  I sat there for around 45 minutes going "is this it, is this it?"

Shortly after my water broke I started to cramp a little in my lower back and lower abdomen.  It intensified more and and more.  I took a shower as my hubby called our parents and my brother, then I got dressed and we headed out the door.  

We got to the hospital at 10 am.  I had already preregistered so they were trying to check me in as I stood with my hands around my husbands neck for support as I was having each contraction.  They didn't ask me what I was feeling, timing or anything. They called my doctor right away and called to get a room ready.  They finished checking me in after I was in the room. I was 3 cm dilated. 

In a lot of pain they did the blood work and anything they had to quickly so I could get medicine.  After getting the iv in and the first medicine I was amazed how much relief I got.  It may have made me dizzy, but it was nothing compared to the contractions before.  My husband still had to be right there with his hand ready to share each pain.   

At noon I got the epidural.  I could still feel contractions quite a bit and it amazes me that they can put an epidural in while a women is having contractions.... but there really wasn't much time in between.  After getting the epidural I couldn't feel the contractions- they say everyone is affected differently.  I did start to feel them down below a little later- but it was tons better than before I got it.  I also was shaking off and on a lot- not from the drugs- it apparently happens to some in labor. 

I wasn't planning on having visitors- but my brother and sister-in-law showed up and it was nice to have the company.  

At 3pm the nurse was going to put monitors on the baby's head, but found out instead that I was already 9 cm dilated.   My hubby then called my mom and she left work right away- and my parents were there soon after. 

It was amazing how fast time was going.  I mean, I got to the room and had everything rushed- didn't have need for the bathtub, birthing ball, anything.  Got in bed right away with drugs- and the time just flew.  I am very thankful for that.  I had prayed that it would be somewhat of a blur.  

Around six they had me start pushing.  I didn't feel like much was happening, but they said it was.  They kept having me change sides b/c baby would be faced the correct way, then his head would be facing another way.  That and I started to feel pain in my abdomen and back on the right side only (I was told later they should have upped the amount of medicine I was getting).  The nurse also gave me a sugar water iv (I had told her I had low blood sugar when I got there- now she got to see how that affected me) my blood sugar got really low and it's hard to push when your crashing. The nurse said the doctor would be there in an hour and a half - I looked at the clock and thought "what the......."  

When the doctor got there at 8 pm she took one look at me and slowly started to break it to me that the baby was probably too big and I needed a c-section.  I was thinking "sooo- do one then."  I really didn't care.  The goal was for healthy baby, healthy mom.  If the baby isn't going to fit vaginally, what other options are there?  

I was really impressed that they got me in for a c-section right away, there was no hesitation with time.  We got to the room and despite my effort to tell others that I felt pain, not pressure- the anesthesiologist listened and upped the dosage so I would actually be numb.  

They put up a privacy sheet and I was trying to be as far removed from what was going on as possible.  They brought my husband in and showed him a stool next to my head.  He surprised me by asking them if he could stand up and watch.  He was like a kid watching a cool experiment, kinda funny.  They cut me open and quickly had my son and extra stuff out and stitched me up.  My hubby happily cut the cord and I started for delivery.  My son was born at 8:35 pm. 

The recovery is slow, but I am still okay with the c-section and so incredibly happy that my labor to delivery time was only 12 hours.   

The nurse I had also did let me eat jello and broth after I had the epidural.  

So welcome to the world Liam Andrew Oliver (looking at him I had to add Oliver). born 9lbs, 2oz and 22 inches long.  

  Oh, that's   what you look like


sooo cute


Re: Welcome to the outside Liam Andrew Oliver

  • Your Liam is so precious.  Thank you for sharing your story.  I'm glad everything worked out ok!
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  • I love his name Liam Andrew Oliver

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  • great story thanks for sharing
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