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baby wise vs. the baby whisperer

Hey Ladies! 

I am thinking about going out to purchase a baby book today and was considering one of these two. Which would you recommend and why? Or do you have another suggestion? 

Re: baby wise vs. the baby whisperer

  • I've heard pros and cons about both of these books and also the happiest baby on the block. I went to the library and checked out all 3 to see which one will suit us best. I'm curious as to what others think!
  • I like baby wise, but dont agree with everything in the book. It has helped me with the scheduling feeding andsleep times. That part is really working for us. It says things like dont rock your baby to sleep and let them cry it out at night, I dont like that part. Shes only going to be a bay for so long and if rocking her hinders the sleep progress I dont care :) Ha!   I do however devote her recent sleeping 7 hrs at night to the book :)
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  • I read them both and Happiest Baby on the Block. I am kind of doing a combination of the three philosophies that works best for us.  I would recommend checking them out from the local library so you don't have to buy all 3. Then you can decide what would work for you and your baby the best!
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  • I personally am not a fan of babywise. Its the most controversial of the two, for sure.
  • baby wise is much more guided by the clock.  Where as baby whisper is more of a routine.  I found the baby whisper fits our life better, but honestly I don't follow everything. I take a little bit from everywhere.  Also the happiest baby on the block is a silly book. Get the DVD. The book has too much extra stuff I didn't care about.  Unless you're a speed reader with oodles of time I'd skip it.  the DVD is much better and you get the big picture.
  • I like Happiest Baby but have not read the other 2.  I think it makes a lot of sense and he doesn't ask you to let your baby CIO at 2 weeks!
  • I have never heard of baby wise but I did read the baby whisperer and the happiest baby on the block. I feel both books had valid points and had great advice, I did take a few things from each book and tried to implement them into our routine. I think that the baby whisperer is well worth the price. Its nice to refer back to certain things, but I do not follow them to a T. Def try and check them out at the library before hand. You might not like either of them
  • Babywise and Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child.

  • I have both and read both. I first read Baby Wise and I liked the basic premise. Then I read Baby Whisperer and I liked it as well. So I decided to mesh them and see how we could apply the principles. One warning though, don't expect things to work as they say. Every baby is different so you'll find yourself tweaking the advice that they give and this is a good thing, I think. In essence, both books have the same principle: establish a routine for baby from early on. Neither advocates for scheduling but rather a routine that will help you, baby and family organize your day.

    I subscribed to the idea that feeding baby when baby was hungry, no matter what, because it was important for me to establish my milk supply and to nourish my baby. So we don't do feeds at the same time every day but at regular intervals. We feed at about every 2.5 hrs to 3 hrs and have since the beginning but it all depends on her hunger, sometimes it's less, sometimes more time in between, but never 4 hrs.

    Anyway, I'm going on and on here Wink but if you could only purchase one, I would probably go with the Baby Whisperer because I thought it was more relaxed and enjoyable. Baby Wise is more serious and dry, in my opinion.

    If you have any questions as you try to establish your routine, let me know, I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have. I sure had tons when I started. Big Smile
  • Babywise is dangerous. It was written by a pastor who does not have any background in child development or sleep psychology. It has been discredited by the AAP b/c numerous infants have been labeled "failure to thrive" as a result from parents following the methods that book advocates. It encourages letting young infants CIO. That is insane. It has been scientifically proven that infants can not self-soothe until 4 months old at the youngest. I strongly encourage you to do some research on that book and choose another one. Happiest Baby on the Block is great and Dr. Ferber's book is awesome for when/if you need sleep training, but again sleep training (CIO) is only over 4 months. GL!!
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