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Any tips for getting LO to drink more fluids?

I have a sick baby.  She has a stomach virus, and her pediatrician wants her to drink Pedialyte.  However, sick or not, she is not big on drinking anything.  She prefers to get fluids from nursing.  When not sick, she will drink maybe a couple of ounces of water per day; if it's hot, she'll drink maybe eight ounces of water.  She has taken a couple of sips of Pedialyte, but that's it. 

I am not too concerned for purposes of this illness, because breastmilk is the very best thing for her and because I think she's getting plenty of it and is starting to eat more solids again, slowly but surely.  But... how will she ever self-wean if she rarely drinks anything other than my milk, and that straight from the source?  I know things may change a lot in the coming months...  Has anyone else been there?  How did your LO start drinking other things?

Re: Any tips for getting LO to drink more fluids?

  • Freeze it into popsicles?
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  • i am having a similar problem with my DD - she likes to play with her sippy and sometimes drinks a little from it but not very much, and i worry about her getting enough fluids since she's down to nursing 4 times a day on average now (per her preference).

    the popsicle thought sounds interesting.

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  • When my little guy was first starting to drink water from a cup I would put a little bit of juice in it to sweeten it to entice him more.
  • imagejday1229:
    Freeze it into popsicles?

    I mostly lurk this board but I was watching a one year old today who loves ice. She was fishing pieces out of a glass of ice water to suck on at lunch.

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  • DD LOVES it when we pipette water into her mouth with a straw, and when we occasionally let her drink from an adult cup with a straw.  It's fun and silly and different and she gets lots of interaction with Mommy or Daddy while doing it.

    DD is also one who hardly will drink anything except milk directly from my breast. 

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