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shower games?

anyone suggest fun baby shower games??

Re: shower games?

  • We played the Left/Right game at my shower and it was so much fun! 

    you basically pass a ball to your left or right each time the word is said and who ever ends up with the small ball at the end of the story wins the prize.  Everyone thought it was so much fun...I had never heard of it before :)  My bestfriend is awesome for finding things like this!

    Oh!  Another one that she did- she filled ice cube trays with water and put small plastic babies in each cube then froze the shower everyone got a small plastic cup with their ice cube / baby in it...the first person whos ice cube melted and had the baby floating on top of the water needed to say something about their water breaking and they won the prize :)


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  • Shower games are hard!  Don't know about baby shower games but for my wedding shower my sister's planned a Survivour-like mystery auction!  They made fake money and everything!  Everyone got really into it! My shower is sometime this month (its a surprise but my family let it slip) So I can always repost with the types of games!

  • At my shower we played what I call the "Timer Game."  My sister brought an egg timer and I wound it up right as I started opening gifts.  Whoever's gift I was opening when the timer went off won a prize.  Then I'd re-set it and keep going.  It was nice because everyone didn't have to be super involved and paying close attention - they could still socialize with people at their table.
  • There's Baby Gift bingo - give your guests blank cards and they fill in the slots with gifts you might get. As you open, they mark their cards and whoever gets Bingo wins.

    There's a diaper game - you get different types of candy bars, melt them and put them into the diapers and then the guests have to smell/taste and guess the candy bar.

  • My sister had some fun ones for my shower.


    She did a song game.  Guess the name/artist of the song and everything has "baby" in the title.

    On my invites it said to bring in a baby picture of yourself.  We played a matching game. Basically "who's the baby". Everyone just loved looking at the board trying to figure out who was who.

    We also did a "guess the due date".  We brought the calendar down to AM/PM slots around my EDD and people could sign up for the date they think I'll deliver.  People got competitive with their guesses.  I had family members asking if I was dilated yet, and family history of going early/late.  The winner will be mailed a gift card when LO comes :)

  • We did the ice cube one a PP mentioned, a purse scavenger hunt, and a candy one.  Basically, there were clues on a piece of paper and you had to match the candy bar to the clue.  For example,

    breast or bottle feeding= milky way

    experienced mom's reaction to new moms= snickers

    11 pound baby= whopper

    first person to correctly match all won a prize.

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