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I am looking for recommendations for a good pediatrician in the Northland area...I have no clue where to start and don't want to just "pick" someone off my insurance list.  Thanks!

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  • We see Dr. Beardman at Priority Care Pediatrics off N. Oak and 152. We love the entire office and they have all been wonderful with all of Sammie's medical issues and CMH stays. Her second stay at CMH they hooked us up with a Dr that did clinic hours at PCP so we saw him at CMH and PCP for our follow was great!

  • Awesome, thank you!  Is that the medical building right across from QT?  If so, that is where my Dr. is, so that would work out well!  Thanks!
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    Awesome, thank you!  Is that the medical building right across from QT?  If so, that is where my Dr. is, so that would work out well!  Thanks!

    It is! It is on the second floor of the building with "Gashland" on the top!

  • We go to Dr. Storm at Pediatric Care North.  The office is off 152 kinda behind Babies R Us.  I LOVE her.
  • Great! thank you for Dr. Storm's suggestion - I'll check her out too! 
  • We see Dr. Beardman too. We love her and the docs but that is a really busy office and I find it really difficult to get in with a sick child. I usually take him to our family practitioner for colds because I can't get in. We used to be at Pediatric Care North, had Dr. Beard, she was rude...very rude. 
  • I go to Healthcare for Children in Liberty and love it!
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  • we go to Dr. Rogers at Priority Care Pediatrics and we love himmmm. we've also see Dr. Beardman, Dr. Nguyen, and Dr. Barr and they were all great. and they always get DD in the same day when she's sick. 
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  • We also see Dr. Rogers at Priority Care Pediatrics (in the Gashland Clinic building).  The things I like about Priortiy Care Pediatrics include extended evening hours, Saturday hours (since kids always seem to get sick on the weekends!), and they leave most of their schedule open for sick visits, rather than filling them up with well checks, so you can almost always get a same-day visit if your child is sick.  Also, they have a triage nurse who will answer questions over the phone, which sometimes saves you a visit altogether.

    Things I don't care for include: Well visit appointment slots book up FAST, since they leave most of the schedule open for sick visits.  So you have to remember to schedule the three months in advance that they allow if you want to be sure to see your child's regular pediatrician (and not a resident or other doc).  And the other thing I don't like is the hike in from the parking lot.  When I was selecting a pediatrician for my first LO, I was trying to imagine hiking up that big hill someday with a toddler and a baby in an infant carrier -- in snow and ice.  And that's exactly what I was doing this winter.  It's a pain, but I like Dr. Rogers so much that it's worth it.  The parking lot at Pediatric Care North is nice and level, and so close!  I know it's a little thing, but I'm sure both offices have good docs, so sometimes you have to go with convenience. However, I work in the pediatric health field, and I've had to deal with both offices, and the people at Pediatric Care North were always rude.

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