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Dedham Medical Associates or Westwood Pediatrics

Does anyone currently use either of these two pediatric offices? If so, I would love feedback about what you like/dislike about the practices.



Re: Dedham Medical Associates or Westwood Pediatrics

  • I used Westwood-Mansfield Peds and my BFF uses Dedham. I hated W-M and switched after DD's 12mo appt. We always had to wait forever once we were in the exam room even for prescheduled appts (I'm talking 45min-an hour) and my fidgety daughter would just get mad and the appt would go to hell because her patience was already tested. Plus you'd get someone different every time you went so they never seemed to remember you.

     BFF loves Dedham. She said they never wait more than 5 mins for their doctor, they see the same doc every time and are extremely happy! Hope that helps!

  • We love WW Pediatrics.  We see Dr. Hyde or the NP Katheryn Austin.  Love them both.  I feel they are VERY proactive in DD care and very empowering to me and DH as her parents.  I have been extremely happy with this practice.
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