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There are just too many! Any recommendations?
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Re: diaper bags

  • I have a zillion bags - but currently using this one:

    I love the mouth - it spreads wide open and stays open so everything is easy to get at. Everything I own is that black canvas...I'm a huge fan. It never looks dirty, easy to wipe down....and doesn't stand out. The straps a fine and I can easily hang it over the wide bars of the stroller. VERY good for the money.


  • I don't have a child yet, but so I haven't used them in practice, but I am getting two. One for my daily use, and running around town, and the second for trips out of town. We live about 90 minutes away from my parents, but see them frequently, so we'd be spending the night. I wanted something bigger to support that kind of travel.

    The daily one is this:

    I got it super cheap because the pattern was on clearance. Then I can use it as a purse after the baby is done with it (hopefully).

    The travel one is this:

    It looks like it will travel well and is sturdy. But like I said, I haven't actually used any of these yet. Good luck!

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  • Mine was discontinued a million years ago, but I love it because it has a double zipper/flap so that it has a nice wide opening to look into.
  • I have a Fleurville bag and LOVE it! I have the Re-Run Hana style bag. Comes in different colors and patterns. DH has a black Diaper Dude messanger style bag that he LOVES also!

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  • I have 4.  my favorites are the vera bradley diaper bags.  i have a summer and a winter one. I have a kate spade one that I coldn't use when he was little b/c it was too small.  Now I love it.  I also have a pottery barn one but never used it b/c it was just one openening and not enough pockets.  DH has an eagle creek bag.  That is what we send to daycare everyday.
  • I have this one:

    We had originally registered for a skip hop bag from buy buy baby.  It was about 4 times the price of this one.  I got this one at 1 of my showers and decided I didn't wanna pay the extra to upgrade.  It works perfectly fine and I am happy with it.  It wipes clean and has lots of room.  DH has no problem carrying it around (I had asked him if he wanted a plain black one but he was like, it's a diaper bag who cares).  But I know lots of people like the fancier bags.  I have always carried a cheap target or penneys purse, so things like this aren't a huge deal for me.

    ETA - I should mention that I BF her so never have to carry a bottle with me.  When I take her to my mom's when I work I need to bring a second bag to fit the milk and bottles.  For that I use this  which I also recieved as a gift.


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