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I think she broke my boob :-(

DD decided to take a poop while nursing yesterday, and proceeded to clench down on my boob with all her might as she did so. She doesn't have teeth yet (thank god), but it was the most painful experience. When she finally un-latched I was seriously thinking she might have taken my nipple right off - that's how hard she bit me!

Anyways, now it hurts so much to nurse on that side. There doesn't seem to be any physical damage (from the outside), but I wince every time she latches on, and there's continuous pain until she's finished nursing.

Do you think it's just a bruise? Or could it be something more serious?

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Re: I think she broke my boob :-(

  • Probably a bruise... I know how that feels... Ouch! You could always call a LC or doc if it isn't feeling better. DD has teeth now, and we've had some close calls. I have become a master at quickly sticking my finger in to unlatch or pressing her into my chest to make her take more boobie and in the process, open wider. Good luck!
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