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Pain med-free induction birth story (LIP)

A bit on the long side since I included info for all my friends that aren't familiar with childbirth. It took quite a while to write, typing one-handed Smile

Here it is.

Re: Pain med-free induction birth story (LIP)

  • Wow, what a great birth story! I have to say I wish I didin't click on the link to see what tears would be like...oh my wow. I pray I don't tear!!! Congrats on your baby girl.
  • Wonderful and inspirational!  I love reading natural birth stories.  I started out thinking I wasn't sure I could do it, but all these stories have really made me believe I can and will.  Your baby girl is beautiful! but I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that :)
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  • Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby girl.  Your story is very inspiring to me - that you could go all natural through a pitocin birth.  I'm aiming for an all natural birth too.  I've taken the Bradley classes (sounds like you may have done same?).  If someone can go through induction and go all natural, then I can do it! 
    Ectopic pregnancy Aug. 2008, followed by a diagnosis of two blocked tubes.
    IVF#1 gave us a BFP on 8/24/09, DD born May 2010
    Surprise, natural BFP July 2012 ended in miscarriage 9/4/12 at 10w4d
    FET#1 January 2013
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  • you're story was so good, thank you for sharing. It had me all sorts of teary eyed! and thank you for sharing!


    Congratulations on the little girl!

  • Did you take bradley classes? We just went over the 'emotional markers' in our last class! Thanks for sharing, each natural birth story I read encourages me that I can do it too!

    And your daughter is GORGEOUS!!!


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  • We did do Bradley classes. It was such a great learning tool. It was especially helpful for DH because he felt like he actually had the ability to help me through the birth!
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