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anyone with sore throat and swollen glands?

My throat has been sore the past couple of days and my lymph nodes in my neck are a little swollen.  I feel like I just have a little bit of a cold.  I was just wondering if anyone else has similar symptoms.  I've heard of getting sniffly and congested as an early pregnancy symptom, but not of sore throat.  Just curious if anyone else has the same thing.

Of course, I could just have a bit of a cold, too, and this is completely unrelated to being PG.

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Re: anyone with sore throat and swollen glands?

  • Yup! I had this symptom from Thursday to Saturday, accompanied by a very mild fever. Dr. said to take some tylenol, drink tons of water, and sleep until my hearts content. My nose is stills stuffy today, but it may also be allergies. I heard this allergy season is expected to be very bad! I hope you feel better, sore throats are no fun;(
  • yes i woke up yesterday with a sore throat. Not bad just scratchy. i have been sneezing attacks the past few weeks too but i have heard that allergy season is really bad right now. so maybe thats it
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  • Yes!! I woke up this morning with a sore throat. I feel awful right now. Super bloated and pregnant and a sore throat and heartburn on top of it. I have never had allergies before and I am hoping I am not getting a cold. Uuugghh!

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  • I had it all for about two days but the (for lack of a better word) snot won't go away and lots of sneezing.  Can't really tell if it is a sinus infection or m/s these days.    My body is always freaking out on me lately.
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