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I am beyond aggrevated. Vent.

This is a pointless vent, so feel free to ignore.

 DH is away for the next 3 days for work, so I am home all alone. I am on mat leave, and bored. My DS is driving me crazy- just typical toddler things, like a minute ago we were sitting at the kitchen table and he asked for water, so I got up to get him some... he decided he wanted a bite of my lunch, and proceeded to take the entire plate and dump it all over the floor. So, no lunch for me now. He doesn't want to nap today. I tried to take him to play at the playplace in the mall but he didn't want to be there either... so we sit at home.

We rent this house and the fence between us and the neighbors fell down, so now my poor dogs keep getting in trouble because they keep running next door. It's nice out here today, and they want to be out, but I can't let them out. So they are miserable too.

I am just bored and sick of being in this house but have no where to go.... going to a friend's for dinner so our boys can play in her backyard, so hopefully that will snap me out of my funk. Cause so far, today has sucked!

Re: I am beyond aggrevated. Vent.

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    oh girl, hope your day gets better.

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    I feel you! Just being at home for the past week, and being overdue is driving me batty. The bump just doesn't keep me entertained enough and I don't watch t.v.. SO has a work from home job, SIL doesn't work and MIL is visiting until baby comes, so I'm home with everyone and if one of us is grouchy, it ruins the mood for the whole apartment! ugh lol

    I hope your dinner is wonderful and you have a great night!!

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    Sorry you're having a crappy day. There is nothing worse than feeling like you are house arrest. Hopfully your little boy will get so much exercise that he will pass out tonight from exhaustion
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    Just keep in mind that the end is in-sight.  I also about lost it this weekend when DH was out of town.  DD is getting her molars so she was really crabby.  She is getting into everything.  I get cramps and can't breath when I have to bend over to pick her messes up.  I completely understand how hard it is chasing a toddler while feel like your going to pop.  Just take advantage of the help when you go to your friend's house tonight.
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