December 2010 Moms

Telling my MIL and her BF today!

She's in town, but leaving tomorrow. I'm kinda nervous about telling her because last time we told her and then had a mc the very next day! But, I just can't keep this a secret for much longer. Also, my mom & sis will be in town this weekend, so I'm just gonna have to tell them too. I'm soooo excited.

Not sure how we're gonna bring it up. DH thinks we should just tell them over dinner tonight. As for my mom, I think we'll take her on a tour of our new house (we haven't moved in yet) and say "This is gonna be the gameroom, this is gonna be the master bedroom, this is gonna be the nursery..." and see where it goes from there. I know, completely un-original, but I can't think of any other way!

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