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baby shower venue recs

Hi Everyone,

 I'm new to the Bump! I was a knottie last year- we got married on 10/2/09, ans am now 3 1/2 months pregnant, my due date is 10/10/10. My sister is throwing my baby shower in the city but is from Boston, so i wanted to get some venue suggestions.

I would probably want to have about 30 people and would consider lunch/brunch or maybe a tea.


Re: baby shower venue recs

  • Congratulations!  How about Jane on Houston (they have a great brunch and a private room downnstairs) or what about some type of activity like a pottery class?  There are also a bunch of restaurants in the village that have outdoor gardens.   Mermaid Inn has a back room?  Good luck!
  • If you're considering a tea check out Alice's Tea Cup.  They have 3 locations and it's a really cute place.
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