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my kid doesn't nap...

and as much as I love those baby blue's..err green's (lol), I just want her to close her eyes for more than 10 minutes at a time! She's taken ONE nap today. ONE! ...and it lasted 15 minutes! Clearly, that's not enough. C used to be an awesome sleeper! She used to sleep through the night & go down for naps without putting up a fight. I even used to just put her in her crib wide awake when naptime rolled around and she'd put herself to sleep! But ever since we came back from Miami, she's been waking up 3-4 times a night and her nap schedule has been non-existant. Please help before the bags under my eyes reach the floor!

Re: my kid doesn't nap...

  • I'm so sorry. Nico has never been a long napper. He gets a couple of naps in a day but they are usually 20-40 minutes long each. Just recently, he will do an afternoon nap of more than one hour, but it's not every day. Plus, we have never been able to put him in his crib wide awake. That has never worked hor him. We have to rock him until he's drowsy before putting him down. Maybe you can try that? I know it's not ideal but it gets it done. I would so much rather Nico be able to fall asleep totally on his own.
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  • When you learn the secret to good napping please let me know. If Cati naps for 45 minutes I consider that long nap. The only way I can get her to nap for longer is by putting the bassinet right next to me and rocking it every time she starts to wake
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  • Is she showing any signs of teething? I only bring that up because you mention that she's waking up at night too. Lots of babies have a hard time sleeping when they are teething because they are flat, for some reason it hurts more when they are flat.
  • I think she sounds overtired. Maybe if you put her down for a nap when you first notice she's tired (or when you know she should be tired) she'll nap longer. Sometimes when I put Abraham down for a nap after he's been tired for a while, he won't go to sleep. He gets this crazy burst of energy, but he's still really tired.That's when he's taken the shortest naps ever (when he's too tired to stay asleep). 

    Or maybe she's teething?

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  • Sounds like she's going through that "4 month wakeful" period. Mila is approaching 4 months too!

    Check out this article:

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  • First off, I'm so sorry that she's not napping. I feel your pain, Nikki. Benjamin only naps about 20-40 min 4-5x a day.

     Like Connie mentioned, the 4 month wakeful period/sleep regression does exist. I've found that baby can only stay awake 1.5 hours before needing his catnap. Sometimes he'll skip a nap and I'll put him to bed early.

    I've heard that most babies grow out of this catnapping routine....let's hope our angels get the memo soon :)


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