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DH finally realizes it's really happening

So I went to the Dr.'s office today to get my pregnancy confirmed and to set up appointments. Well this whole time DH has been like "well you don't know yet" or "we'll see", but I saw him at lunch time, after I got my positive from the Dr.'s office. Now he actually believes that this is going to happen and he's finally starting to get excited. Anyone else's husband take a while for it to hit them?

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Re: DH finally realizes it's really happening

  • My DH was the same exact way!
  • My DH is excited but I don't really think its sunk in yet. I just had my first doctor's appt to confirm today but he hasn't not believed it....just every once in a while he does the "omg we're really having a baby huh" in the middle of some completely different conversation...what's gonna be tough is getting him to wait to tell everyone...yeesh
  • It still hasn't hit my DH (or me, on some level), but will probably become more real after our NT scan on Thursday when the baby will actually look like a baby, not the amorphous blob we saw at 7w3d.

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  • DH knows of course...but I dont think it has really hit him yet.

    I'll be glad when it does, he seems to think I have just gotten really lazy in the last few weeks. Im just ssooooo tired when I get off of work.

    In desperate need of motivation.

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  • My DH was the same way. I had two positive pregnancy tests and DH still wanted to wait for doctor's office to confirm my pregnancy via a blood test. Now he is excited!
  • It's opposite for us. I refuse to get excited or even make an announcement until it is confirmed. I'm posting here, but I am not doing tickers or announcements until I know for sure.
  • It didnt hit my DH until we had our first ultrasound. Then when I started showing, then when I got nursery furniture. and even more today when I had my anatomy scan. He gets more and more excited the more milestones we hit.

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