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Is anyone else having awful food aversions? It seems that I cannot bring myself to eat so many things all of a sudden.  Then when I start eating something I think I can totally turns on me.  For example, any kind of almonds, cashews etc...DH has a bag of trail mix in the cabinet and every time I open the door I want to gag! My list of "gag foods" seems to be getting longer and longer.  On the bright side, I saved a ton of money grocery don't spend much when pretty much everything is unappealing!  Anything in particular you ladies are loving or hating at the moment??

Re: Food...ugh

  • Totally with you...I can't even stand to look at food right now.  Especially any kind a meat. Yuck!  I have to force myself to eat sometimes b/c I just don't crave anything.

     Although all the DQ commercials about the Caramel Brownie blizzard are stirring up the cravings in me.  Big Smile

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  • I am having more aversions than cravings and I am eating whatever sounds good just to be eating..

    The main ones are any and all meats, any leftovers, cole slaw, sodas, water.

    But I am loving apples, orange crystal light and carbs...

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  • Hating anything sweet or chocolate. Isn't that weird I normally love chocolate!! But strangley I am loving anything meat (ha ha that sounds gross) I guess I need a lot of protein or something but I ate some leftover tenderloin the other night and I swear it was the best thing I have ever tasted in my life!!!
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  • I've already sworn off peanut butter. I usually eat PB for lunch most days at work. I had my last sandwich last week, before I knew I was pregnant, and I almost lost it. I'm quite disappointed because it's so easy and cheap to make sandwiches with :(

    I'm also kind of scared if I have an aversion at only 4 weeks.... I hope this isn't a sign of things to come! I'd really get upset if I developed an aversion to meat or pickles!

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