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Missed you ladies (and MIL rant)

Hey ladies!  I took some time off last week and don't have internet at home (we live in the boonies).  I lurked some from my phone, but couldn't post.  Just wanted to say hi!  Also, I got my 1st dr. appt moved up to the last week of April--I'm hoping for an u/s before Mother's day, so I can break the news to my family then. MIL came by the house on Friday and Sunday and stayed for 2.5-3 HOURS each time!!!  Really!?!?!  I need some help on a semi-polite way to kick someone out of the house.  To compound problems, it's DH's childhood home, so it did once belong to her!  How do I nicely say, "It's not your house anymore.  We have things to do or just want to spend time alone together.  And we're sorry that your other children refuse to speak to you, but we can't spend our own time making up for that." 

 I'm afraid it's going to be SO much worse once Peanut is here!  We plan to move about 40 minutes away, and that will (hopefully) reduce the # of drive-bys, but I'm afraid it will increase the length of time when she does come for a visit!

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Re: Missed you ladies (and MIL rant)

  • Oh man, I am soooo sorry. I love my MIL but I am SOOOOOOOOO happy that she lives 6 1/2 hours away. I know that if we lived in the same town I would probably kill her or myself!!

     PS - Don't think I have totally escaped, this means she's going to want to visit for weeks at a time!!! And often!!! Somebody shoot me now.

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  • hate to break it to you but it will only get worse unless you say something.  My MIL was the same way we lived in their old house and she was over there all the time. Sometimes I would go take a nap and would wake up and she would be in the living room.  SCARY. Once my first child came she thought she was practically living there and I would try to make her leave but she wouldn't. and on top of that my mom would come by and she wouldn't even let my mom help with DD. Finally I put my foot down and set down guidelines which kinda stuck but we decided we had to move and get our own house that she couldn't just walk into. Start putting your foot down now because if she's anything like mine she is going to try to control everything.
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  • Yeah.  unfortunately, the sweet/laid-back nature that allows my DH to put up with ME means that he doesn't want to confront her either.  But he will have to put his foot down.  I told him last night that we won't cut her out of our lives (like her other children has done--she's borderline crazy), but that we need to set boundaries, and if she chooses to cut us off, then that is her choice. 
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