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Sad..slept without DD last night

I don't know if i'm looking for advice or just venting. I put DD in her crib last night at 11:30 for bedtime which I don't usually do (I usually put her in our bed and then we come to bed later on and join her) I put her in her crib because I was washing/changing our sheets and figured she would wake up around 2am for a feeding when I went to bed.

She didn't wake up until 6:30am which is awesome that she slept so well but I am sad that I didn't have my little cuddle buddy. I know it's weird. So I guess I am wondering if this was a fluke or maybe she sleeps better in her crib than in bed with me.  FWIW she usually sleeps well in our bed just wakes up enough to eat and back to sleep.

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Re: Sad..slept without DD last night

  • Awww.  I totally understand.  We put DD in her crib for half the night at 5 months and I missed her so much when she wasn't in our room!  For the past two nights, she's slept the entire night in there.  She seems to sleep much better in her crib (for the most part, anyway) though, so I know it's best for her.  And on some level, it's nice to have our room and bed back to ourselves.  We make up for it by bringing her into our bed in the mornings for wake-up snuggles and playtime :)
  • Also totally know how you feel!

    We all had a stomach bug this past week and DD was so fatigued that she slept all night without hardly a peep (very unusual for her) so we didn't bring her into our bed around 1am as usual. I had THE WORST nightmares about losing her in a hotel/pool and running through the hallways yelling her name, sure that she was drowning. Yeah. Even during my sleep I missed her. Pathetic. So don't worry, you're not alone on this! 

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  • I feel your pain....DS sleeps in a co-sleeper for a couple of hours at the beginning of the night and I miss him even though he's only a foot away!!!  I think we're all happiest with our LO curled up to us, aren't we? 
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