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2nd Trimester

Thirsty but can't drink? Water won't stay down

So, I guess I wanted to know if anyone else ever had this happen. For the last few days, I've been incredibly thirsty - dry mouth, desire for water -- but when I get a drink a water after the first few sips, I feel like I'm going to be sick. It's like it sits in my throat in a clump and won't go down. If I keep drinking, I feel full like I've eaten a huge meal. I tried drinking a vitamin drink, fruit juice, ginger ale and a caffeine free soda. The fizzy stuff went down further but the full, sick feeling returned. I can eat fine, only liquids cause the lump in my throat.

 I've read up on some things online about dehydration and pregnancy but none of them seem to fit. Anyone else had this issue?


Re: Thirsty but can't drink? Water won't stay down

  • Try eating lots of fruit and other veggies that have a lot of water concentration.  Be careful, you really need 80 oz of water a day (which I rarely ever am able to reach that), but that is really important for baby and you to stay healthy. 

    But to tell you the truth I kind of get the same way.  Especially in the first tri.  You just gotta suck it up though.  But if it continues, call your doctor about getting an anti-naseua med, because they will freak out if you say you can't keep water down. 

  • Ice chips.  It takes longer to melt and for your body to recognize it as liquid.  I also recommend Rita's ice or Icee but that's because I'm a sugar fiend.Embarrassed
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  • What about sucking on some ice cubes? Not that it'll make your fluid intake what it should be... but it's probably better than nothing while you call your ob to see about what's happenin'.
  • Do you have allergies?  I had a similar situation towards the end of my last pregnancy (April).  I had this lump in my throat and actually threw up liquids I was trying to keep down.  My OB told me to take small sips of anything - soda, water, gatorade, juice - and see if I can keep them   down.  She wanted me to go to the ER if I kept vomiting, luckily I was able to keep them down.  Maybe you should call your doctor?  He/She will probably give you a certain amount of time to keep liquids down, or they might want you to get IV fluids so you don't dehydrate... good luck... PS. have you tried pedialyte ice pops?  Or even regular push ices?
  • Well, I am not in 2nd tri yet, but this has happened to me with both pregnancies so far. It also happened to my MIL and a lady in my childbirth class.

    It is simply that water makes you ill. Every time I drink it, I get sick. Doesn't matter if it is warm, cold, ice chips, or whatever, I get sick. There isn't a reason for it that my docs know of, but it happens.

    Otter pops or flavor ice or whatever you call them where you live help. Milkshakes or frostys can work for me. Eating foods with a high water content, like watermelon, help as well. If you start peeing a lot less, or you don't hold down any liquid for 24 hours, call your doc. They will give you IV fluids, which help a ton.

    Good luck!


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  • Me. Usually a coke does the trick though. I don't really know what to tell you other than eat a lot of fruits and veggies.
  • Thanks for all the replies/advice.I've tried the ice - no go.  I did have better luck with the icee/slushie drink. I don't have any known allergies, but I hear lots of women develop them during pregnancy. I will go see my  doctor tomorrow and see what she says.
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    if carbonated helps except for the fizz, youi can try microwaving it to sip warm...

    you also might try cola syrup to settle the tummy.  (I hate it but there's a wee bottle in my purse--any pharmacy carries it)

  • So, I got into see my midwife today and she said that this lump-in-throat is actually common for some women during pregnancy. She said that I should try to drink my fluids without food and if I still have the lumpy, can't drink feeling, I should track how much fluid I am getting for a day or two and if it's significantly low, they will test me for allergies. UGH. But, the good news is, we got to hear the heartbeat!!! It was a nice surprise!
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