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hospital stay?

How long did you or do you plan on staying in the hospital after the birth?
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Re: hospital stay?

  • I had a scheduled c-section.  We went into the hospital early Monday morning and we were discharged mid-afternoon on Thursday.
  • I also had my scheduled c/s on a Monday morning (7:30) and I was finally release Friday afternoon. I was supposed to get out on Thursday but the dr on call thought my blood pressure was too high (hello, I just had twins my blood pressure will be high until they move out!) and also had high liver enzymes. She actually wanted me to stay one more night but I was fighting her on it since I had already spent Christmas in the hospital and we had family coming in to visit and and see the girls. I did have to go back into the hospital to have a quick blood draw the next morning to make sure my levels were dropping.
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  • With DD, I went in at 11 am (had to be induced after NST), and delivered at 10 pm on Tuesday night.  I was released around noon on Thursday. 

    With DS, I was also induced, and got there at 8 am.  I delivered at 3:30 pm on Thursday, and went home around 2:00 pm Saturday.  It took longer to get released because he had his circ that morning and had to be monitored for a couple hours afterward.

  • With DD I had her at 5:30 am on Wednesday and got discharged around noon on Friday. 
  • I was scheduled for an induction so we arrived at the hospital on Friday around 6:30 am.  Turns out I was already in labor!  DS was born at 5:31 pm that day and we were able to leave whenever we wanted on Sunday.  I think we left around 2:30 or so.
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  • I checked in on a Thursday night for my induction the next morning. DS was born Friday afternoon & we left Sunday afternoon.
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