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Hip Carry - How old?

Can anyone tell me an approximate age/weight that LOs need to be before doing a hip carry?  Would love to start using a hip carry with my RS but wasn't sure if there is an issue with her legs being spread apart like that.


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Re: Hip Carry - How old?

  • assuming there is no head support in the wrap you are using (I can't picture any that provide head support in a hip carry position), she would need to be able to sit by herself first and be comfortable like that.
  • I've tried a hip carry with DD a couple of times, but still think she's just not quite ready- she tends to list over and stare at the floor (but then, I've noticed her doing this even when I am carrying her myself and giving her more than adequate support- maybe she just likes to look at the floor?). Definitely by the time they're able to sit on their own, a hip carry is the way to go. You can do a tummy to tummy carry in a RS, and I believe (though I'm not a RS expert) there is an outward facing carry you can use as well. As far as the legs spread out thing goes... I've been carrying DD front facing, legs out in carriers since she was little over a month old- she hated having her legs tucked in. She's had no adverse effects from this.

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  • 6 months is the recommended age. You can try tummy to tummy before that for an alternative. We did tummy to tummy at 3 months (still do!) & Ari loves the hip carry when we're out & about.
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  • I started at 3 months... she doesn't seem damaged in any way ;)
  • We started when he had good head control (maybe around 4.5-5mos).  Though I think he (or I maybe) preferred more of an off-center tummy-to-tummy than a true hip carry at the time. 
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  • I agree with WyoGal.  I put DD on my hip at a very early age.  I just kept her legs froggied and made sure her head was supported with the fabric.


    It's not much different from tummy-to-tummy with a little one.

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