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Nursery sneak peak PIP

We painted the bottom half of the wall green (was dark blue), I made the valances & crib skirt. The leaf fabric on the bottom of the crib skirt is attached with velcro so that when we lower the mattress I can just take it off. I put it on there so I can store things under the crib but keep it hidden Wink


I have a ton of white sheets that I think I'll be using. The printed sheet is a little much...




It looks a lot better in person, the colors seem off in these pics.

Now on to making a pillow for the rocker, painting some accessories & decorating!


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Re: Nursery sneak peak PIP

  • Love it!

    I am loving the green....that is what I hope to use if we need another nursery someday!

    You are so crafty....I am trying  to decide if I can make curtain tie backs. I am not so sure my sewing machine and I could get along long enough to get the job done! I purchased foam back energy saving/room darkening curtains that I love, but they need something to hold them back.

    Great job on the nursery! 

  • Its super cute! great job!
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  • I love it and I love that you went with the leaf pattern (I remember the poll)
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  • It's beautiful Kim, great job!

    To be honest, I wasn't a fan of the leaf print when you showed us the samples but wow, it looks absolutely perfect as an accent like you did it!

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  • Great job!  It looks awesome!
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  • I love how it turned out! It's so cute
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  • Looks great!  Nice job!
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  • It looks great, I love the green too.  I remember a poll now about sheets-did you sew them?  If yes, good for you! 

    I did a really simple baby quilt and wanted to throw it across the room by the end :) 

    Maybe I'll post pics of our room when everything's all set

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  • It looks terrific!!
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  • It looks fantastic! I love the combination of blue and green on the wall - very cool.
  • It looks great! I love the walls!!!
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