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Would this bother you? longish

My last preganacy I saw a midwife who was under a female ob, who I also loved. I got close to my midwife and really love her so much. Recently the ob retired and the midwife went to a new practice (its actually her baby daddy Indifferent) Now I am really uncomfortable to go there because I just do not want to see a man. Some people my flame me for this but its just plain creepy and dh 100% agrees. I have also heard not so good things about him, that he is rude to people when they are in labor. So I'm really stuck should I go see the mw and pray I don't have to see him (or refuse) or should I find a new mw. (note: I would have to travel at least 30 mins since we have no other ob's or midwives in my town... and my last labor was only 4 hours long...)

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Re: Would this bother you? longish

  • I would call the new practice and see if they require you to see the OB or can you see only the MW.


    Good luck

  • Ya, call and see if you can be strictly under her care.  Guy OB/GYNs skeeve me out and I wouldn't go to one so I know how you feel!


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  • You shouldn't feel bad, this is just your preference!  I prefer my female OB too but will probably have to see the male OBs in the practice at least once each.  I think (I hope) I will be okay with that when the time comes.  If the favorite midwife is the closest, I would also just inquire about seeing her.  I would assume that many people that have the choice between the two and choose the midwife would do so because they prefer the care the midwife provides?  If so, the practice should certainly understand you wanting to see the midwife exclusively.
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  • I don't blame you. I know men are great doctors too, but if I'm asking questions about my vagina or womb, I'd rather ask them to someone who actually knows what it feels like to have one. And actually, my husband is more comfortable asking a female doc about my parts than a male. I don't think there's anything wrong with going with what you're comfortable with. Maybe if you can be under the MW care and only see the OB if there's a prob? Good luck!
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