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Anyone have a good dentist to recommend?

I had a permanent crown placed back in August and have had a lot of pain since with my gums and two teeth in that area off and on. I have been back to my dentist twice and he says my bite is off so he shaves down the crown a bit. I am going back one more time today since I am still having major pain in this area but if he just says it's my bite again and it doesn't get better, I would like to get a second opinion.

I don't know how much anyone can do for me at this point since I'm pregnant but I can't continue with this pain much longer! Any great dentist referrals would be great (preferably in the northland)! Thanks ladies!

Re: Anyone have a good dentist to recommend?

  • Dr. Gordon I have gone to him since I was born and so has the rest of my family!


  • I go to Dr. Tom Craine he is off 152 between that and Barry Road.  I think the office is called Green Hills Dental.  He is really nice...and I hate going to the dentist.
  • My sister lives up north and loves her dentist. I guess she was there last week and her dentist fixed some discoloration on her front tooth for free. Her name is Stacey Blaha. Her office is called Platte Valley Dental and the phone number is 858-2027.  I just moved up north too, but my dentist is on the plaza.

    Good luck!

  • Our dentist is too far away, but I just wanted to say I hope you find a good dentist that can help! I'm really sorry you're having so much pain! A second opinion sounds like a good idea.
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