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How do you plan on handling hand bloat? You know, the kind we've read about where our rings don't fit anymore? I am nervous that I will suddenly inflate and won't be able to get my rings off! 

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  • I'll draw a ring around my finger in Sharpie every morning.



    :) - Nah...I'll have a fakey that's a size bigger that I got at a department store that I'll wear.

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  • I will put my wedding ring on my necklace and the rest in a drawer. I havent been without my wedding ring for a single day since he put it on my hand. I refuse to start now.
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  • My wedding band will go on a necklace too. 
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  • I'll put my band & e-ring in my jewelry box and wear the fake e-ring I wore while my real one was out being sized.  It was a size too big, so I kept it with this idea in mind. 
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  • I love the fake ring idea!
  • I'm hoping to wear my rings for as long as possible, but if my sister's sausage fingers are any indication of what's going to happen to me, I have about six more weeks of ring wearing and then I'm done. Haha

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  • okay true story. My cousin had her DS the day before me  but I was up there to cheer her on. Her hands were so swollen they had to cut her wedding ring off!!!! She was so upset but she couldn't get it off and they tried everything and her hand was blood red because it was cutting off the blood flow.  So ladies if you feel like your hands are starting to swell (I can tell because they will start tingling) take your ring off!!!
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