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Does anyone have any good or bad things to tell about St. John's hospital in Tulsa?  My Dr. only delivers at St Johns but I do not know much about the hospital as I am fairly new to this area.  Any info would be a big help.



Re: St John's Hospital Tulsa

  • I have never been there personally, but I have had family members deliver there, and had nothing bad to say. As far as hospitals in Tulsa, St. John's or St. Francis is who you want to stick to.
  • My sister in law delivers all of her babies there, and has never had any complaints... I plan to deliver there also! who is your doc?

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  • Dr. Gray is who I see I had several referrals to her.  I really like her she seems to be very knowledgeable and is very patient with all of my questions.

  • Of all the Tulsa hospitals I would say you got the best!  I'm a St John's patient too!  St John or St. Francis are the best.  Be glad your insurance didn't put you at Hilcrest or the OSU Hospital (I'm an OSU girl myself, but not the best of the hospitals in Tulsa - in fact probably the scariest.) 
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  • Thanks everyone!
  • St. John or St. Francis for sure. BUT, if you're baby is going to be a preme Hillcrest has a better facility. I plan on delivery at St. John as long as everything goes okay and I don't get stuck in Grove.
  • I delivered my first child there 4 years ago & had a wonderful experience.  I am due in October & will be delivering there again.  Great staff &  hospital!!! Good luck to you!
  • St. Johns is amazing!  They have the new maternity area all up and going and the staff is top notch.  I wouldn't have my baby anywhere else!  Dr. Gray is great too.  Actually, the whole group at Tulsa OBGYN and Assoc. is great.  Dr. Cox delivered my first baby, Dr. Beal will deliver this one and I have been going to Dr. Zanovich since I was 19.  They are awesome!

     I had a friend deliver at St. Francis and they nickel and dime you to death.  You have to pay for a bigger room if you want to fit more than 2 people in there.  She just wasn't given as much special care as others that I know who delivered at St. John.

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  • St. John's has good quality care but is also very traditional. I was with a friend when she delivered and the doc and birthing team were not great at communicating with her or her hubby. Everything turned out well but the communication was poor. 
  • When I was pregnant with my daughter I got very sick and my Dr. tried to send me to St. Francis first but they would only take my daughter, St. Johns took us both. I had the best experience. She had to go to the NICU for two weeks. The NICU at ST. Johns is the only NICU around here where you can stay all night with your baby if you want to, most other places you have to leave at a certain time, but you can stay in the same room with your baby there. I am having this baby there also.. 
  • I am will be going through St Johns also.  My doctor is Dr. Raubato anyone heard anything about her.
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    I am will be going through St Johns also.  My doctor is Dr. Raubato anyone heard anything about her.


    Dr. Ribaudo is my doctor also and she is awesome! She's very patient with any questions I have and is so friendly. She just had a baby herself actually, so hopefully she will be back to deliver yours. I delivered at St. John on May 18 and had a great experience. The nurses were all so nice and helpful and the rooms are very nice. Good luck everyone!


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