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Should I buy?

Do Calyx have a good sale rate on the Babywearer FSOT? This is what I'm considering. I don't love the color. Should I wait until one comes up I do love? Do they come up often? I don't stalk often (although, now that I'm looking for something, I plan on starting). Is this a good price? I'm so confused!!!!
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Re: Should I buy?

  • I have no idea if it's a good deal or not, but I do see Calyx's come up fairly often on FSOT. If you don't love it, I'd personally hold off on getting it and waiting till you find a pattern you like.
  • Thank you. I'm not an orange fan, and I think that would bug me... so I think I'll hold off.

    Do you know if this is a good deal? I'm so torn. I dislike my Ergo, and I want an SSC that works for us... but we have no where for me to try them on. 

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  • Yes, I'd say $80 for a Beco is a pretty good deal... but that pattern, no offense meant if you really like it, reminds me of Halloween. Just sayin'. Wink
  • the price on the beco is awesome, but I don't like the print very much either.

    There are seveal calyx up right now... search for "moonberry", I remember thinking it was pretty decent looking. 

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